I Love U

Oktober 6, 2010 mixzhico

My Love for You

Today I woke up, once again, with thoughts of you
Yes, just you.
You stay constantly on mind, always in my heart.

Consuming my body and soul.
Everything you say, everything you do.
Impassioned in my mind, all these thoughts of you.
My love for you cannot, by anyone, be denied.
No words can truly express the love I have for you.
But, here’s a few, I’ll try to.
You’re my reason to wake up in the morning.
And then my reason to go to bed at night!
You are my life, you complete me, you make me whole.
From that moment we first met, I knew.
You had me, you had me to hold.
But it was not till that first kiss, our first kiss.
I was positive you had me, you had me to hold, because
You had not just ME, you had me, my heart and soul.
And I knew then you were the one.
The one that I would love and cherish forever
This is my love for you.

And when I think of you, I think of US
Then, I question, what is it.
That make us so good?
And what is it.
That makes us so right?
It has to be the way you make me feel.
My heart beating strong, love engrossing my mind
All these emotions, overwhelming my senses,
Constantly stirring with this p*ssion for you.
So, this is my love for you.

I know, these are just more words on a piece of blog.
But, they are my words, words from my heart.
Please, Keep them close, carry them always and hold them
And never forget, I Love You Very Much
This is my love for you…

I am yours, completely, truly and forever.

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